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This eBook of the first 20 blogs is an interesting snapshot of early outdoor history extracted from the digital Library at Index and pages are linked for easy navigation. Subjects range from how to canoe with cannibals (i.e., quickly) and how real cowboys rode Montana’s range when the west was still wild and woolly. There is a thrilling hunt for the king of grizzlies in Colorado and a wolf hunt in Chicago. Minnesota’s little known gold rush is reported on by adventurers that canoed through mosquito infested swamps to get to the gold fields. The original magazine cover with a brief introduction begins each Chapter followed by the article. Original patina is preserved. Vintage magazine ads will complement the readers’ time travel experience. highlights the contributions of early outdoor magazines to today’s great outdoor opportunities. Explore the Library of over 200 digitized outdoor magazines from 1890 – 1947 and retrace early outdoor adventures. Discover how the magazines’ public forum helped create the unique North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Please contact me with questions or for permissions.

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