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Outdoor History Lab - This page works in combination with the blog to examine early outdoor history from the pages of the digital Library. Hunting, fishing, hiking, outdoor exploration, product reviews and equipment ads, as well as environmental and natural resource issues are highlighted here and in the blog.

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NEW LEADS on the Minnesota Gold Mining cities visited in 1894.

Harry Edel describes Ken Lockwood's killer fly in this May, 1944 Outdoor Life. Click the title to download his 4 page article. You can purchase the entire Library of of 200 + early outdoor magazines, all indexed and cross referenced by clicking here. $15 plus shipping.

36-Custer's Remains - Recreation - March 1897
35-Lt. Bellas describes frontier actions & battles following Custer's defeat.
34-Horsehead Canoe Trip - Field & Stream - June 1916
33-D'ing Darling Cartoon - Field & Stream - Mar 1944
32-The Japanese Nambu - Outdoors-1945
31-87 mpg - Those Bastards - HunterTraderTrapper-1933
30-Ted Williams-Quaker Oats & Quackers-Sports Afield-1942
29-The Murder of Crazy Horse - Hunter-Trader-Trapper-1933
28-Snagging Sockeye in Idaho's Red Lakes - National Sportsman-1912
27- German Royals Read National Sportsman
26-Roosevelt In Yellowstone - Outdoor Life-1904
25-Roosevelt's Pitches Need for Forestry & Foresters
24-Sjogren Shotgun- Outer's Book-1909
23-The Bayard .22 Outer's Book-1909
22-Buffalo Bill's Last Interview-Outdoor Life 1917
21-Game Management Problems - from Outdoor Life + Outdoor Recreation June, 1931
20-Colt's Model 1911 Pistol from Shooting & Fishing July 4, 1901
19-Game Hogs & Outdoor Magazines
from Outdoor Life + Outdoor Recreation 1928 index page
18-North Wisconsin Canoe Routes- from Outer's Book 1914
17-National Parks-Preserving Appalachian Forests
a one page PDF from Recreation 1900
16-Stolen Shotguns - Hunting & Fishing 1928
15-Jackson Hole's Starving Elk - Outdoor Life, 1911
a 6 page PDF report by S.N. Leek
14-Wisconsin Muskies-1890 Sports Afield - 2 pg PDF
13-Dynamite Fishing the Rio Grande, 1890 - one pg
12-The Aurora Trout Hunt - a 5 pge PDF Field& Stream 1925
11-Let Us Save the Birds - 5 page PDF from Recreation-1900
10-Canoeing with Cannibals - 7 page PDF from Feb 1924 Hunter-Trader-Trapper
9-Hunting Wolves in Chicago Lumber Yard - 2 page PDF from Camp & Trail Jan, 1912
8-Hunting The Indian Territory - 5 page PDF from Nov, 1909 Outer's Book
7-Riding Montana's Range - The Oldtime Cowpuncher by Vincent Fortune
- March 1916 Outing - contents page - contributors bio
6-National Sportsman introduces Dixie Carroll, February 1917
5-Reviewing Early Outboard Motor Ads - An Excel Spreadsheet of Ads
4-Colorado's Grizzly King - a 10 page PDF from Outdoor Life July 1904
3-Luger Lust - a four page PDF from Outer's Book November 1911
2-A Road Warrior's Dream - a five page PDF from Outdoor Life 1911
1-Canoeing To Minnesota’s Gold Fields - a three page PDF from 1899 Recreation